Materials Handling

Ehrenberg Engineering design and manufacture a wide range of material handling and storage equipment, that are designed for fast and efficient handling of goods.

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Rocker Bins can do more with your forklifts!

Our Rocker Bins are designed for fast and efficient handling of goods. They are well balanced, both empty and loaded, and the forks slide easily yet securely into the “shoes” of the bins. It is their unique tipping ability; however which will be of greatest value for fast dumping and unloading. The emptied bin rocks back into its original position by the backward tilt of the forklift.

These robust Rocker Bins are available in a variety of sizes and may also be fitted with lids and with wheels and castors for easy manoeuvrability, as well as a multitude of other accessories and attachments for the endless number of applications, which range from handling of steel off-cuts, manufactured components and factory waste, to fruit, foodstuffs and liquid.

Our range of Stackable Stillage Bins (Stakka bins) available in 9 standard sizes as well as different configurations, such as half drop doors, mesh front, and side panel.

Perfect for product or parts handling and storage.

Scoop Bin

Our Scoop Bin is designed to transform your forklift into a light duty front end loader.

No hydraulics needed.

Rocker Tip Trailer

Our Rocker Tip Trailer is designed for fast and efficient transportation of a variety of goods.

Its unique tipping ability, brought about by the disengagement of the locking mechanism, allows fast dumping or unloading.
The emptied bin then rocks back into its original position.

This saves time and effort, as a load of 1.4 cubic meters can be off-loaded by one person in seconds.

No hydraulic attachments are required, and any tow vehicle can be used.

Rocker Barrow

The Rocker Barrow is a popular addition to the Rocker Bin family.

This mini tipping Rocker Barrow has been designed for manual bulk handling. The Rocker Barrow has a capacity of about twice that of a normal wheelbarrow.

Its perfect balance makes it easy to wheel and a simple foot release tips the Rocker Barrow without any effort by the operator.

The Rocker Barrow has an immense variety of applications on building and construction sites, for agricultural purposes, in factories, as well as for refuse and waste materials.

Steel Pallets

Ehrenberg Engineering manufacture a range of Steel Pallets in standard sizes of 1200 x 1000 and 1200 x 1200.

Steel Pallets have the advantage of being stronger and longer lasting than their wood and plastic counterparts as well as the benefit of having a zero-fire hazard.

Our pallets can be contracted with 3 or 4 bearers as well as safety straps if needed.

Pallets can be finished in a number of finishes from the standard Enamel paint to powder coat or hot dip galvanised.

Custom Solutions

Along with Ehrenberg Engineering’s standard range of products they are able to develop and manufacture custom solutions to suit a customer’s specific materials handling and storage needs.

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