Stackable Stillage Bins

Ehrenberg Engineering design and manufacture a wide range of material handling and storage equipment, that are designed for fast and efficient handling of goods.

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Introducing Ehrenberg Engineering’s Stackable Stillage Bins, the perfect solution for your material storage needs!

The Stackable Stillage Bins, also known as our Stakka Bins, are convenient storage containers for various uses.

These bins are available in 3 basic varieties, as well as a set of standard sizes. However, we can customize them to the specific needs of our clients.

The Original Stillage Bin:

The original Stakka bin stands out as an exceptional storage solution, catering to diverse needs with its array of sizes, colours, and finishes.

Other than the normal spray-painted enamel finish, there are a verity of other finishes offered.

  • Rubberising provides a protective layer, making the bin resistant to abrasion and impact.
  • Galvanizing, to prevent rust and corrosion, ensuring the longevity of the bin.
  • Powder coating, contributing to the resilience of the bin, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


Another great option is the ½ drop door and fitted dividers, to further enhance its functionality.

The ½ drop door facilitates easy access to the contents, streamlining the process of loading and unloading items.

Fitting dividers offers a practical solution for organizing the bin’s interior, creating compartments to categorize and separate items efficiently.

The Post Pallet Stakka:

A clever variant of the Stakka Bin, as it doesn’t have solid walls, providing an open and adaptable storage solution.

This unique design proves to be very useful, particularly when dealing with items of irregular shapes, offering a great level of flexibility.

It also allows for secure storage of odd-shaped items without the constraints imposed by solid walls.

The inherent openness of the Post Pallet lends itself to the creation of mobile shelving solutions.

By stacking these bins, you transform them into dynamic, easily accessible storage units that can be made movable, through the use of Dolly wheels.

This allows for a higher density of storage throughout your facility, without sacrificing accessibility.

This makes it an ideal choice for environments where the efficient use of floor space is a major consideration.

The adaptability of this design ensures that no space is wasted, making it an excellent and favourable choice for clients seeking an innovative storage solution.

The Cage Stakka Bin:

This bin has meshed sided instead of solid ones. Unlike traditional solid-sided bins, the meshed construction allows for a clear view of the bin’s contents from various angles.

This heightened visibility helps inventory management, making it easier to identify items stored within the bins without the extra effort of needing to open each bin.

This proves particularly beneficial in environments where quick and accurate access to stored materials is crucial.

The other advantages are the lighter weight of the stakka bin.

The reduced weight not only enhances manoeuvrability but also minimizes the physical strain on personnel tasked with handling these bins.

As a result, the Cage Stakka Bin becomes a user-friendly option, promoting efficiency in tasks.

Despite its lighter weight, the meshed sides are crafted with strength and resilience in mind.

This ensures that the bin retains its structural integrity, capable of enduring the demands of various industrial or commercial settings.

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Created with durability in mind, the various Stakka bins have robust construction, to ensure it can withstand the rigours of everyday use.

This durability translates to long-lasting value, making it a cost-effective investment for any storage needs.

Our Stakka's come in the following sizes:

Item No.

Bin Dimensions
L/H/W in MM

Bin Capacity
in M3

Overall Height
in MM

ESB 2212




ESB 3212




ESB 3218




ESB 3224




ESB 3318




ESB 3324




ESB 3330




ESB 4318




ESB 4324




ESB 4830