Rocker Bins

Ehrenberg Engineering design and manufacture a wide range of material handling and storage equipment, that are designed for fast and efficient handling of goods.

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Introducing Ehrenberg Engineering’s Rocker Bins,  the perfect solution for your material handling needs!

We pride ourselves on our specially designed and highly-efficient bins that can save you both time and effort in your day-to-day operations. Our expertly designed bins are meticulously crafted with a well-balanced construction and easy-to-secure shoes that attach beautifully to your forklift, allowing for surprisingly swift loading and unloading.

Our unique tipping ability provides powerful and efficient handling, ensuring that your Rocker Bins can be quickly emptied and placed back into position with simple tilting movements of your forklift. Our bins come in a wide range of sizes coupled with additional features such as lids and wheels, all of which make them ideal for handling food products, liquids, factory waste, and steel off-cuts.

To fit your specific needs, our Rocker Bins are highly customizable, and we offer a vast array of accessories and attachments that are designed to help improve your material handling process and take it to the next level. So there you have it! Let us help you revolutionize your material handling process today with Rocker Bins.

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Ehrenberg Engineering is your ultimate solution provider for all your industrial material handling needs.

We are a highly dedicated and committed company that takes great pride in providing you with top-quality bins that are specially designed for efficiency and durability. Our extensive experience in the material handling industry has enabled us to craft bins that are not only well-balanced but also come with easy-to-attach shoes that seamlessly fit onto your forklift.

Our unique tipping ability ensures that your loading and unloading process is swift and seamless, resulting in maximum productivity and minimal efforts. We offer an extensive range of bin sizes and additional features such as lids and wheels, making our bins suitable for handling a wide range of products such as food, liquids, factory waste, and steel off-cuts, among others.

At Rocker Bins, we understand that every industry has its unique material handling process, and we aim to cater to your specific requirements through our highly customizable bins. Furthermore, we also offer a variety of accessories and attachments that are tailored to help improve your material handling process and increase overall efficiency.

To sum it all up, Rocker Bins is your reliable partner in industrial material handling, and we guarantee that our bins will revolutionize your entire material handling process while saving you time and effort. Choose Rocker Bins today and experience the difference!